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Roshi & Satori: Conversational AI Assistants for SAP Ariba

Sapience Satori  and Sapience Roshi are SAP App Store approved AI-powered conversational interfaces for SAP Ariba and SAP Ariba Snap. It uses the ever-growing SAP Ariba Network API Library to offer users fingertip access to a range of tolls and reporting functions.

Satori works with Slack and AWS, while Roshi integrates with Microsoft Teams and MS Azure. No matter which one you choose, you’ll give your procurement team access to the same set of powerful interface tools from any Slack or MS Teams capable device. You aren’t even limited to SAP Ariba – any procurement solution with an open API framework can get the same type of benefits thatusing it with SAP Ariba offers.

Adding Satori or Roshi to your team’s workflow along with adding automation from our RPAwesome robotic process automation solution can save as much as 2/3 of your team’s working time – the time that’s spent undertaking repetitive, error-prone tasks or wasted by using 10-12 actions to achieve an operation in SAP Ariba that takes just 2-3 actions using Satori or Roshi.

Why not take advantage of one of the other key features of our chatbot, and replace some of your main product training on SAP Ariba or the equivalent with live learning links to the software vendors website. Think about how much your training costs could plummet.

Get in touch today for more information about our free 15-day trial offer, or check out our videos to find out more about what a chatbot can do for your procurement software users.

Now You Know Just What Our Chatbot Can Do...

But how exactly does it achieve this? And what about other platforms? By leveraging APIs, Satori and Roshi are able to acheive tasks so much faster than a human being. By acting as an enhanced interface for SAP Ariba or another compatible target system, everything but a few interaction-essential operations are done in the background using machine-boosted process automation.

Users only need ask their system for a specific operation or report, confirm which sets of data are used, and make use of the data. The chatbot itself carries out and double-checks the other operational steps in the background, letting you enjoy the rapid response times AI optimization can bring you.

The next video will helo you find out more about API integration and how flexible it is when it comes to enhancing the way your team interacts with vital procurement software systems. What’s more, by leveraging the natural language processing capability of MS Teams or Slack, users can access your procurement system from any platform that works with these applications – mobile, tablet, even smart watch. 

Reduced Training Needs

Users can converse with your procurement solution using natural text or speech, making it much faster to learn how to use the system. 


Fewer Administrative Bottlenecks

With more managers able to directly access the procurement system, specialist supply chain and procurement staff have less need to get involved in each transaction.  

Easy Access for Busy Staff

Not all of your employees that need access to procurement have time to sit down at a workstation each day. Chatbots work well from all kinds of smart device, making the whole procurement system more accessible.  


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP makes it possible for our chatbot to understand what’s being asked of it. This applies to both typed input and voice recognition, again improving accessibility.  

Improved Data Gathering

In many organizations, the managers you want to have direct access to your digital systems are the people with the least amount of time to spend wading through complex desktop interfaces. Better access leads to improved data gathering at all levels.  

Unified Interface

Less complex procurement tasks can be achieved via the same unified interface, regardless of the user’s access level. When users need something more complex, they can still access a desktop dashboard. 


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