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SAP SRM: Rapid Optimisation and Migration

SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) is extremely popular, even though it’s no longer in active development. However, despite the end of active development in 2012, SAP SRM will be supported by SAP until 2030.

This leaves customers looking to improve their supplier relationship management experience with two choices – optimise in place with a tool like ValueWeaver’s SRM Easy Help, or migrate to a more modern cloud system such as SAP S/4 Hana Central Procurement or SAP Ariba.

SAP SRM Easy Help

SRM Easy Help from ValueWeaver instantly resolves many of the issues that users bring up when asked what they would do to improve SAP SRM. This ABAP Bolt-On for SAP SRM is easily deployed and makes the software instantly active and smart.

With a range of ready-to-use automation and analytics tools, Easy Help can drastically extend the lifecycle of your SAP SRM deployment, increase ROI, and improve user experience. By focussing on automation, analytics and business controls, SAP SRM Easy Help improves things for onsite and offsite staff working at any level.

With SAP SRM Easy Help, you could be taking advantage of RPA automation and other active features in just 6-8 weeks, rather than having to wait until a new SAP Ariba deployment is designed, deployed and made stable.

SapienceS2P is delighted to be able to help customers extend the life and usefulness of their SAP SRM deployment with this SAP-approved add-on. Get in touch to find out what you could get from your SAP SRM deployment in just 8 weeks.


SAP SRM Migration

If you are ready to migrate to one of the latest cloud solutions, SapienceS2P can also help. We’re experts in the industry, boasting consultants with up to 20 years of experience. This means whether or not you can use one of our off-the-shelf migration roadmaps, you’re in good hands when it comes to your software upgrade needs.

Many customers choose the more obvious SAP SRM to SAP Ariba migration – something we’re excellent at. However, your business needs may make the case for migrating to S/4 Hana Central Procurement. Lucky for you, SapienceS2P can offer many customers an off-the-shelf migration solution for S/4 Hana.

If your current SAP SRM deployment allows it, you can save huge amounts of time and money migrating to S/4 Hana CP by using our migration tool. If not, we can still help you migrate your systems with a custom solution – it will just take a little longer.

What are you waiting for? Find out about migration to the cloud today!



Why Choose SapienceS2p?

 There are a number of reasons to choose SapienceS2Pas your SAP procurement consultancy. Not only will you get access to some of the most experienced consultants in the business, you will also benefit from our extra services whether you’re interested in our other products (like our MS Teams and Slack chatbot for SAP Ariba) or just benefiting from the insights of our free 2-week audit and report.

Highly Experienced Consultants

Our team boasts some of the most experienced consultants in the business, with our top people boasting over 20 years of experience in procurement automation covering almost every industry.


Free 2-Week Audit & Report

All our customers are offered a 2-week audit and report with insights into their procurement and ERP systems. This report includes recommendations for future updates and upgrades, ideas for optimising your systems, and more.

Onshore / Offshore Model for Global Support

Our onshore/offshore model gives you access to top SAP talent on-site and remotely no matter where you are in the world. Our business model makes sure you get access to the best people for your business and industry.

SAP Approved Add-Ons

We’re constantly developing add-ons for SAP procurement products. Check out the SAP App Store to see our API Chatbots, RPA solution and more. We’re proud to be approved SAP Build Partners

Top Advice

Our working methods make sure we always offer our clients the best solution for their current business needs. Whether you’re ready for a full new S2P and ERP deployment, or just need to optimise existing services, our goal is to give the best guidance for your organisation.

Best Value

Using our flexible team structure and excellent skills portfolio, we can be better, cheaper and faster than many of the “big name” software consultancies. We also only deal with procurement, so you can be sure your procurement systems are in good hands.

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