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Chatbot Pricing

Choose the perfect plan for your team, and get the most out of our AI powered conversational procurement interface:

Microsoft Teams or Slack, our API chatbots integrate seamlessly with your existing chat platform to give your employees fingertip

Our flexible pricing plans make sure you always pay an industry-beating fair price. Inclduded are a number of premium features that can help keep your procurement team ahead of your competitors as your business evolves and grows.  

Sapience Roshi for Microsoft Teams



For many organsiations, Microsoft Teams has played an increasingly large part of their business operations during the past year. Whether you’re looking for a robust yet flexible SAP Ariba reporting solution, or you want your team members to have easy access to SAP Ariba data wherever they are, the SapienceS2P Procurement Wizard could be right for you.

The MS Teams virtual assistant lets your team access data seamlessly with little or no training due to the well-known MS Teams interface.

Sapience Satori: A conversational AI based wizard to assist source to procurement workflows

Add this powerful reporting and data gathering tool to your team’s arsenal. Connect it to your users via Slack, and you can enjoy access to the SAP Ariba API Library via Slack’s virtual assistant interface, saving you time and money.

Because it’s seamlessly integrated with the Slack interface, your users can access SAP Ariba’s data almost instantly, and with little or no additional training your team can start getting the benefits straight away.


All Versions of the Sapience Procurement Wizard



Get flexible access to a range of SAP Ariba data and functions with one of our conversational AI procurement wizards. Feed data and reports to live dashboards, set up automations, and give users fast, convenient access to SAP Ariba via MS Teams or Slack – all backed up by the powerful SAP Ariba API Library.

All licences for SAP products, AWS, Azure, Slack, and MS Office 365 are not included, though we’re happy to advise on these.



15-Day Trial Offer

Find out how the SapienceS2P conversational AI wizard can help your team streamline procurement workflows and improve live reporting and data retrieval.


Up to 5 Trial Users

Choose functionality from the SAP Ariba Network API Library

Explore the Benefits of Satori

Get fingertip access to a range of SAP Ariba data via well-known interfaces like Slack or Microsoft Teams


Monthly Plan

Get started with the SapienceS2P conversational AI wizard today, and see how much your team benefits from the latest in AI-powered interfaces.


5 APIs and up to 50 Users

Price covers access to all features of 5 APIs for up to 50 users

Flexible Monthly Subscription

Easily add features to your account each month

Top-Notch Support & Advice

Support and advice from our team of skilled SAP Ariba expert consultants


Annual Plan

Commit for a minimum of 12 months and get more out of SAP Ariba and your digital transformation


Ongoing premium support

From initial set up through to day-to-day operations, you’ll get enhanced support and advice in addition to our usual advanced service

Better Value

Better value with reduced rates plus locked-in pricing

Bespoke Planning Support

Additional help to create the best possible solution for you and your company

A fantastic way to get more out of digitalisation

Getting the most out of digital transformation is more important than ever in today’s economic climate. SapienceS2P helps you and your employees gain more from your SAP Ariba installation accross the board by making all types of data easier than ever to make use of.

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