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SAP Ariba S2P Deployment

Technology is currently in the process of completely changing the face of procurement. Source-to-pay is one of the most important growth areas, with the potential to completely change how your procurement streams operate.

Our solutions are based on the latest technology, best practices, and a wealth of experience. We help organisations meet the future head on, by making sure you’re getting the most out of the latest in cloud procurement technology.

Source-to-pay (S2P) helps you reach more suppliers, get better prices, and raise the quality of your corporate governance. The Ariba cloud S2P system helps you build better relationships with your suppliers than ever before, giving you access to a curated list of suppliers that meet your needs most closely based on our robust ratings and vetting system.

Supplier Management

Supplier management is just one of the things source-to-pay excels at. Your new S2P solution will help you source new suppliers, generate and manage contracts and invoices, automate payments, communicate with your supply and logistics chain, and more.

S2P gives users huge savings by reducing the amount of time spent on administration and operations tasks. You’ll soon see how much more efficient your procurement department can be.

Strategic Sourcing

Through the Ariba Network of thoroughly vetted and rated suppliers, you’ll get access to the biggest B2B marketplace in the world. All SAP Ariba Network suppliers have been carefully checked out, with ratings based on everything from their financial viability through to their environmental footprint.

You can specify which suppliers meet your company’s requirements precisely, making it easier than ever to find sources that comply with your corporate governance policy, meet your busget and quality requirements, and offer you the best chance of business success now and in the future.

Guided Buying

With guided buying, you’ll never again need to worry about your junior employees making the wrong purchasing decisions behind your back.

  • Quickly and easily set up parameters that limit which suppliers can fulfil your procurement orders.
  • Limit orders by budget, size, transport distance, the financial stability of the supplier, and more.
  • Relax, knowing your procurement orders will be on budget and from reliable sources without you having to spend vast amounts of time reviewing orders manually.

Catalogue Management

Buyers – complete data about every item you purchase makes catalogue management easily achievable, even at scale.

Sellers – the opportunity to have complete control over what data is shared with your buyers, and ultimately how your products are presented to the customer gives you unprecedented control over how consumers view your products.

Operational Procurement

Operational procurement means making sure your orders are fully compliant with your corporate policies and agendas. SAP Ariba helps maintain operational procurement in a number of ways, for example:

  • Ariba creates and manages contracts in a searchable function, increasing contract compliance, and giving all departments access to contract information at a moment’s notice.
  • Ariba increases operational efficiency of processing contracts, invoicing, and payments, leading to overall cost reductions due to less paperwork and shorter processing times.

Invoice Management

Automated invoice management reduces paperwork, minimises processing times, and helps maintain compliant purchasing operations.

The savings to be had from automated invoicing and invoice management alone make Ariba a worthwhile purchase for many organisations.

Travel and Expense Management

Ariba helps reduce the amounts your company needs to spend on travel and expenses, by reducing the number of face-to-face meetings and in-person production line inspections needed. Additionally, there’s a separate Ariba Travel and Expenses module to help you manage these costs effectively company-wide, no matter how big your enterprise.

By offering you a reliable source of carefully vetted and rated suppliers, you’ll no longer need to spend as much time visiting manufacturers and suppliers or hiring inspectors to visit them for you.

Spend Analysis

With an average of 90% or more of your purchase orders going via Ariba, overall spend analysis and optimisation becomes easy.

The data you’ll get from being able to monitor the whole spend process will help you optimise internal and external costs anywhere your procurement stream intersects with the rest of your operations.

Enjoy the benefits of big data and machine learning