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Features & Functions: Get more out of SAP's procurement suite

At SapienceS2P it’s about more than just software. Our team of top SAP procurement consultants can offer you and your organisation a huge list of features and benefits that will help make your procurement system awesome.

So, what are some of the things we can help your company achieve? How will the features we can add to your SAP deployment benefit you? And how hard will you have to work to get the most out of your procurement software?

Automation and Chatbot Add-ons for SAP Ariba

Our Add-ons for SAP Ariba and other 3rd-party procurement solutions include Satori, an API-powered chatbot that works with almost any platform, and RPAwesome, a process automation tool.

Contract Management

One of the top reasons for decision-makers to choose a source-to-pay or procure-to-pay solution. With both upstream and downstream contract integration and compliance monitoring, choosing which SAP option from within SAP’s procurement stable can be difficult as they are all top rated. SAP S/4 Hana ERP functions very well in this regard, as does SAP Ariba Procurement and Ariba Contract Management. Luckily, we support all these solutions and more. Our top consultants will work with you to choose the best option for your organisation.                                                                               

Supplier Verification & Risk Management

Becoming a part of the SAP Ariba Network gives you access to the biggest B2B procurement network in the world. As a part of this, SAP verifies all suppliers and scores them for risk on a number of different metrics. Include everything from compliance with forced labour laws through to sustainability issues in your list of vendor requirements. Relax, knowing your supply chain isn’t full of risky suppliers that don’t meet contractual or financial expectations.

With SAP’s three-tier Spot Buy Catalog solution, vendors are checked for financial, ethical and sustainability metrics, plus your choice of additional checks.  

Guided Buying

Making use of SAP Ariba Network data and your custom vendor contract, assessment and risk management data, your procurement team can use Ariba’s Guided Buying feature to quickly and easily choose suppliers that meet short-term and long-term supply chain goals. Improve sustainability, delivery reliability, contract compliance and more while saving on training resources and error correction.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the things we can do to boost your supply chain workflows and improve the day-to-day running of your procurement landscape.

All our features and add-ons come in a variety of formats that mean you can benefit from them no matter where in the world you’re based.

Full remote support that gives you all the benefits of an on-site consultant is yours if you want it. Just say the word and we’ll give you the same great service as if our consultants were visiting you in person.

If you aren’t limited by Covid-19 or other practical considerations, we can provide expert help in person. This can mean face-to-face support at your head office, or even consultants visiting each of your remote sites.

Some of our add-on solutions even work with non-SAP software giving you a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to setting up your procurement landscape.

The SapienceS2P Experience is About More Than Just Software

In addition to multiple software-based extras, SapienceS2P can also help you boost user experience, training experience, and more. We’re dedicated to making sure each member of your procurement team gets the most out of their digital procurement experience while getting the chance to improve how they use the software day-to-day.


Improved Training

Whether we’re offering you on-site or remote training, or  integrating SAP Training Links with our Satori chatbot or other software, we offer our customers the chance to reduce outlay while improving user learning.

Better Technology

Whether you’re adding SRM Easy Help tools to your existing SAP SRM deployment or upgrading to the latest in cloud and in-memory computing with a move to S/4 Hana and SAP Ariba Cloud, you’ll benefit from the latest changes in procurement technology.

Better ROI on Existing Products

You’ll see better value for money and reduced running costs, even if you aren’t yet ready for a major update. We’ll help you get the most out of your existing  products and optimise your journey towards the latest cloud solutions.

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