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Client Stories

Case Study 1: Overcoming Challenges for an FTSE Oil and Gas Company

During the initial planning stage, we found there was a mismatch between our existing templates and the client’s needs.

Find out how our technical team resolved this issue and made sure the client got the procurement service they needed by reading on…

Case Study 2: Digital Transformation for a Tier 1 UK Technology Company

Are you worried about the transition from your existing legacy systems? SapienceS2P has a proven track record in dealing with clients who have complex legacy systems that need careful consolidation.

Read on to find out more about one of these cases…

Case study 3: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products - SAP Ariba Integration Problem

Our client had difficulties with how invoices were produced and passed between systems, leading to a huge increase in the amount of hands-on management necessary to keep things running.

Find out how we created a custom integration solution that got them the most out of their procurement solution…