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SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway

Seamless Integration With New & Existing Systems

Integrating software with new and existing systems can add a lot of time and stress to your deployment schedule. Get this step wrong, and your whole new software installation won’t be able to perform as expected. Luckily, SAP realised this, and came up with an excellent solution.

The SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) can be configured to work seamlessly with all types of systems, new and old. Designed to let vendors integrate SAP Ariba with any system, configuring the CIG correctly is one of the most important tasks in a successful deployment.

Whether you’re looking to adopt SAP S/4 HANA or another SAP system at the same time as your Ariba deployment, or want to add Ariba to a complex legacy system, there’s a way to configure the CIG to suit you.

Whether you’re using newly deployed software like SAP S/4 HANA, or are trying to tie SAP Ariba in with your long-standing legacy systems, you’ll find everything you need for effective integration in the CIG.

At the other end, the Cloud Integration Gateway instantly connects you with customers and suppliers on the Ariba Network, without the need for buyer-specific mappings or customized configurations.

Intuitive Self-Service Tools

Quickly configure, extend, and test processes. Connect to SAP back-end systems without the need for multiple adapters.


Ariba API Integration & Customisation

SapienceS2P can build APIs, connect SAP Ariba with 3rd-party APIs, build chatbots, customised reporting, approval workflow, and more. Anything you can think of that might use SAP Ariba APIs, we can build for you.

Works With SAP & Third-Party Applications

Connect your systems new and old to the Ariba Network with the CIG and enjoy the benefits of S2P, fast.

Automatic Upgrades & Monitoring

Keep transactions flowing smoothly, without the need for  constant manual intervention.

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Our team of experts is waiting to talk to you about integrating SAP Ariba with your systems. Don’t worry about what your current set-up looks like – there will be a solution for you.

We’re Experts in SAP Ariba Integration

Whether we’re migrating a top multinational oil and gas company to S/4 HANA and SAP Ariba, or migrating a tier 1 technology company to the Ariba Network from a 70-strong stable of legacy applications, SapienceS2P can get SAP Ariba fully integrated and running smoothly.

Careful knowledge gathering is backed up by thorough testing to create solutions that win time and time again.