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Microsoft AI chatbot

Our Microsoft AI chatbot

Are you looking to streamline your procurement processes and enhance your organization’s efficiency? Look no further! SapienceS2P is a leading procurement consulting company, specializing in leveraging cutting-edge Conversational AI Chatbots and AI Services from Microsoft to revolutionize your procurement operations.

Conversational AI Chatbots Integration

Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating Conversational AI Chatbots with various platforms to enhance your communication and customer support capabilities. We are proficient in integrating with the following platforms:

  • Azure Bot Service
  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Azure Health Bots
  • Microsoft Teams Bots
  • Calling Bots via IVR Teams platform

AI Services Integration

In the realm of procurement, the revolutionary aspect of language understanding lies in its ability to transform the way organizations interact with their chatbots and gain valuable insights from natural language data. By leveraging the power of AI, our integration with Microsoft services brings a host of game-changing capabilities to your procurement processes.

Conversational Language Understanding

This groundbreaking feature enables your chatbots to comprehend and accurately respond to user queries, regardless of their phrasing or complexity. Gone are the days of rigid, keyword-based responses. With conversational language understanding, your chatbots can engage in more human-like conversations, leading to a significantly improved user experience. By grasping the intent behind user input, the chatbot can provide relevant and contextually appropriate answers, ultimately enhancing your procurement operations.

Custom Question Answering

Imagine being able to extract precise answers from vast knowledge repositories with a single query. With custom question answering, our chatbot can access and retrieve specific information tailored to your unique procurement needs. This empowers your team to make better-informed decisions, save time on research, and access critical data at their fingertips.


With the power of speech-to-text, spoken language can be seamlessly converted into written text. This feature enables efficient transcription of meetings, interviews, or discussions related to procurement matters. Critical information and insights from these interactions can be analyzed, shared, and acted upon faster, streamlining communication and fostering collaboration among team members.


Humanizing the interactions between your chatbots and users is key to delivering an exceptional experience. Through high-quality text-to-speech conversion, our chatbots can sound more natural and engaging, eliminating the robotic and monotonous tones often associated with traditional chatbots. This human-like touch fosters a sense of trust and familiarity, making users more receptive to the chatbot’s assistance and advice.

By incorporating these revolutionary language understanding features into your procurement operations, you unlock a variety of possibilities. Enhanced user interactions, faster access to crucial information, and improved decision-making are just a few of the many benefits that our AI-powered chatbots bring to your procurement journey. Embrace the future of procurement with our innovative solutions and experience the transformative impact of language understanding in action.

Dynamics 365 Integration

Experience a new level of customer service with our integration with Dynamics 365 – Omnichannel for customer service. Enjoy real-time support via chatbots, ensuring your customers always receive prompt and efficient assistance.

Azure DevOps Integration

Our expertise extends to integrating with Azure DevOps tools to streamline your development and project management processes. We specialize in integration with:

  • Azure Bot Service
    Plan, track, and discuss your work in one place.
  • Azure Repos
    Collaborate on code development, version control, and code reviews.
  • Azure Pipelines
    Automate your builds and deployments.
  • Test Plans
    Test and ship with confidence using manual and exploratory testing tools.
  • Artifacts
    Create, host, and share packages with your team.



Why Choose SapienceS2P?

SapienceS2P is at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing procurement processes with its groundbreaking chatbot solution. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies and seamless integration, we have developed an innovative chatbot that caters specifically to the unique needs of procurement operations. With a team of highly skilled professionals well-versed in the latest AI advancements and integration platforms, our chatbot streamlines communication, automates repetitive tasks, and drives unparalleled efficiency in procurement. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Expertise
    Our team is comprised of skilled professionals who possess extensive knowledge of the latest AI technologies and integration platforms.
  • Tailored Solutions
    We understand that every business is unique. Hence, we provide customized solutions to cater to your specific procurement needs.
  • Efficiency
    By harnessing the power of AI and seamless integration, we boost your organization’s efficiency, saving time and resources.
  • Enhanced Customer Support
    Our chatbots enable real-time customer support, ensuring a positive and satisfying experience for your clients.
  • Proven Track Record
    We have successfully transformed procurement operations for numerous clients across various industries.

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