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The right combination of APIs will help you get more from your new SapienceS2P chatbot, helping your business succeed

In the case of SapeienceS2P’s Satori Conversational AI Wizard (for AWS and Slack) and its sister product Roshi (for MS Teams and Azure), we’re using the SAP Ariba API Library as the basis for the services Satori can access and make use of. In total, there are (at the time of writing) 58 APIs in the SAP Ariba API Library, though some of those are new/depreciated versions of the same API.

Our pricing framework usually sells bundles of up to 5 APIs. To get the most out of your new conversational wizard you’ll need to know which 5 APIs to choose from. While we’re on hand to help you, and there are a few different pre-set groups to help you quickly build up the selection you need, it’s better if you understand how these services can fit together to build the solution that’s right for your company.

With Satori Roshi, your users get fingertip access to a huge range of pertinent business data via an easy-to-use virtual assistant interface. This makes it possible for users to make use of data on the go in a range of different situations.

The API Library itself is largely focussed on different types of data processing – creation, search, retrieval, and publication. Our pricing plan offers you up to 5 APIs from the Library (though we can of course arrange for more for an additional fee). The idea is to choose a group of APIs that compliment your business and your procurement goals. With the right selection, you will be able to achieve more than you ever could with a more traditional SAP Ariba interface. 

About APIs

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of definitions that acts as an interface for various digital programs and services to interact with each other. By using a set of standardised protocols, software designed by a range of different suppliers is able to interact effectively to create useful combinations of capabilities for the end user.

The majority of software development companies maintain a set of APIs so others can integrate their products with their own applications in various ways. An API library offers end users the opportunity to pick and choose which aspects of a given product they want to access using a third-party interface of one type or another.

Like most APIs, the SAP Ariba API Library helps developers extend applications and services quickly and easily by making use of a range of functions supported by the SAP Ariba Network. There’s a lot of information on the SAP Ariba API Library on the SAP website, including links to supporting documentation and community forums.

What are some of the things I can do with Satori and Roshi?

The more traditional browser-based interface for SAP Ariba can take time to log on to, plus it needs extensive training for each user. Additionally, Slack and Teams both run on a broad range of devices, including smartphones and tablets – all with minimal training requirements.

So, just what can you do with a chatbot procurement assistant?


  • Virtual Procurement Assistant: The VA interface via either Slack (Satori) or Teams (Roshi) gives users instant access to a huge range of SAP Ariba data without logging in via browser. You can check up on supplier and order status, request and set up reporting for outside reporting tools and dashboards, publish data to outside marketplaces, 3rd party solutions, and more.
  • Procurement Management Tool: Manage sourcing events, document approval, supplier data, user lists, proof of service documents, manage Supply Chain Collaboration transactions, etc.
  • Reporting Tool: Set up and retrieve reports on a huge range of vital business data, extract and process information from a variety of documents and sources
  • Live Monitoring and Alerts: Set up and monitor a range of live events throughout the network
  • SAP Ariba Network Services made available almost anywhere: Anywhere with a network connection can now give your team instant access to the information they need to
  • Approve contracts or check their status: Another useful data and communications function
  • Time Saver: Most of all, our API chatbots will help you and your team save time and money, both on initial training, and in everyday use.


Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. The SAP Ariba API Library is always evolving, along with the capabilities of today’s chatbots. The main thing to take away is that if you’re in any way unsure of what Satori could do for your organisation just ask us.

Our team of top experts will help you build a package of APIs that will make sure you get the most out of the platform, and maybe even discover new ways to make use of your SAP Ariba data. Contact us now to speak to our team of consultants about the best way to get the most out of SAP Ariba and your procurement team.

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