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SAP’s cloud procurement solutions offer client organisations access to a huge range of useful tools and workflows. Their flagship S2P (source-to-pay) product, SAP Ariba, can deal with every procurement-related task a large global enterprise might wish.

Our technical team are very experienced and highly trained. SapienceS2P’s position as a member of SAP’s Partner Program is just one of the things that demonstrates how broad and deep our knowledge of SAP procurement software is. We’ll go into how important this in-depth experience in the procurement industry is in just a moment.

Your SAP Ariba Deployment in Action

As an SAP Ariba Cloud customer, your software will manage several key procurement tasks regardless of how the rest of your business is arranged or run. A certain further number of tasks will almost always also be managed by Ariba either in whole or in part. This leaves a large swathe of other tasks and procedures, both major and minor that will be used to create a bespoke software deployment that truly serves your organisation’s needs.

In order to do this, our team uses a number of tools to help us integrate your SAP software with your existing IT infrastructure and/or any other new software packages you’re adding at the same time. All of these integration options and tweaks serve to create a highly-complex but extremely robust S2P procurement solution that will speed up administration and operations tasks, whilst at the same time managing and automating most or all of your essential paperwork requirements (including contracts and invoices).

Issues with interfaces

Most people, when they think of software, think of the types of programs we see on our office computers at work or on our home PCs. These applications tend to be relatively rigid in what they allow you to do with their set-up and layout. Since most non-technical staff think this is similar to all software, they often make false assumptions about what’s possible with a professional cloud software installation.

When you look at a highly configurable solution like SAP Ariba Cloud, the range of options is almost limitless. Your technical deployment team can create custom interfaces to suit any types of device or use case. While usually things are added during the initial deployment, things can also always be updated to suit changing needs (or correct omissions).

Training woes

Another common problem is when you don’t have the right training or training materials in place to support your team’s use of your software. It’s not always possible to get this right even with the best intentions, as how people interact with the technology they use daily can be hard to predict.

Adding training materials, or upskilling members of your workforce so they can train new employees isn’t covered by all support contracts. Changes to your software may also call for changes to your existing training materials. All of this can, of course, cost money.

What can you do about it?

SapienceS2P is offering free support to help companies through the current pandemic crisis. This support can include assessment of your current issues, and advice on what to do about it. If for any reason at all you feel that you’re not getting the most out of your SAP Ariba deployment, or any other SAP procurement product, get in touch with our expert team.